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June 2007

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so yesterday i hung out with mike and webb for a little, then came home

didnt go to jimmys like all my freinds did, and i cant say i minded. i hung out with gabby stace rachel and melissa for gabbys bday.

we went to applebees, then hung out here.

now, these girls, last summer, we were INSEPRATEABLE. like, everyday during the summer we hung out. i havent hung out with them since december, but i had more fun last night than ive had with anyone else in a longggg long time.

its weird, bc im different with them. with phil an dmike and kristen and audrey and jimmy and webb and dipp and ketih, im really loud. im annoying. im immature. silly. sometimes, dumb. i cant sit still, i cant have serious convorsations. but with those girls, im so opposite. like yeah, im loud, but not super loud, you know? i laugh a lot more. smile a lot more. im not as silly. i have more of a strong oppinion. im more serious. i know i can go to them with ANYTHING, were with my freinds from band, im not so sure. i dc about looking stupipd or immature. like for instance. me and rachel and stace were hanging around, and i confessed how scareed i was of something. and the two of them looked at me and werere like no way, we are too. but if i said something like that to someone else, theyd laugh..

i really cant wait for summer. i cant wait to have sleepovers with those girls. i cant wait to be carefree the way i was last night.

thats another thing. with them, im carefree. i dont worry about what my parents think of them, because they love them. i dont constantly text people. im very content and happy in the moment. i dont worry about how i look in something, or is my hair messed up? im laid back. i dont gossip with them. people think i gossip alot and tell and knnow secrets, well with them, i dont. at all. we talk about each other's lives freindships, boys. families. not other peoples

okay, just had to get that out


p.s. band banquet tonight