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morgan :]&<3

Just a little girl, big imagination

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im opinionated. i argue with referees so much that i almost get kicked out of games. i play kick ball better than the boys down the street. i stole that from milos. i love jumping off of picnic tables with my cousins and taking action pictures while doing. ive known most of my best freinds since kindergarten. i love driving around t.r. for hours. i can be mean. im super close with my cousins, there like my best freinds. my family is realllly close in general. they mean the world to me. my brother is annoying. i think that percussion is the best section. regardless of what anyone says. i want to be drum major, when im older. i cant wait to drive. im independant. im annoying. im immature. i act like im five. my favorite thing in the world is during the summer, when there is sand in your sheets. i love going out on the water. i have a 13 foot boat. me and my best freind own at SSXTRICKY. weve played it since ps2 came out. were insane. im a bad cook, but i make the best peanut butter and jelly youll ever have. seriously. the best. alot of my freinds are graduating next year. i like driving places with my freinds and getting lost. like going to mastercraft with jimmy, best time of my life. or rider with kristen and jimmy. i ask people insanely random questions. all the time. im bad at directions in toms river or anywhere else, except wall township.