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June 2007

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this is stupid and unfair. it all is.

for one. i didnt mess up like they said i did. i double checked like 2193820 times. GOD FORBID a girl whose younger than them (omg!!) does something. i mean, because im morgan and im only gonna be a sophmore and im a girl, i, apperently, am not as important. right? i mean , so forget me trying to actually do something. oh no! this is his job, rememeber? god he makes me SOOOOOOO mad.

seniors graduated today.. =(

i need to talk to mike cruoglio before i leave. i need to get something outta my head, and hes the one i think can help me. but yesterdday he was out and i didnt wanna bother him. and today he had graduation so, yeah.. maybe later tongiht. i hope i can. because idk what to do, and im kindaa freaking out..

i leave tomorow. i swear ill be gone till FOREVER. godd. i dont wanna go to a stupid family reunion. its gonna be dumb. im gonna be in nowhere's ville with no anything. i dont even get a room. i sleep in a camper! whatever. me and jay will ditch alot.

i was asked to go to dma with christina inteso rather than section leader camp. i may go, except im supposed to go to maryland. but pete is going down a few days late, so i may hitch a ride with him and tim.. that could work..

it doesnt feel like summer.

im mad i cant go out tonight. i wanna see my freinds before i leave, but i cant. god. stupid parents...

i tie dyed shirts. it was a messss.

i am a mess.